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Future Worktech Forum 2020 will attract application leaders who understand the changing business context of “office space” are better able to respond to technology service demands — network access, mobile applications, digital signage and so on — while contributing to more-engaging employee experience.


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Enhancing your virtual office presence and embracing change with remote work transformation

Learn how will your world of work be transformed through technologies and what would be the impact of future technologies on the shape and form of your workplace in 2030

Overcome the twin challenges of the technologically enabled future and ensure that your ICT investment improves your bottom line

Absorb how technologies and the technologies of the future improve the productivity and creativity of our knowledge workers

Understand how property occupiers and owners should, facility managers and service providers respond to these changes

Create flexible spaces, each sector should offer solutions to support this feature, from design to construction and furniture that ensure optimal workflow.

Reflect authenticity through the physical design of the office.

Identify and analyze the primary needs of the workspace which can align employees’ expectations and can also be a validation tool for the employer’s efforts.

Notice Employee wellbeing as one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to virtual work, workplace design, measuring the impact on employee recruitment and retention.

Discuss the application of robotics and the workplace changes it will bring


Private and Public Enterprises:

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Chief HR Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Transformation Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief People Officer and Heads, Directors, Senior Managers, Managers of:

Remote Work Management, Virtual Offices, Workspaces, Workforce Management, Workplace Design, Workplace Innovation, People, Employee Wellbeing, People Productivity, Facilities Management, Real Estate Services, ICT, Work Technology, Automation, Human Resources, People Performance, Change Management, Digital Transformation, IT Systems, IT Infrastructure, Digital, Networks, Cybersecurity, Data, AI, RPA, Process Automation.

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