Christine Nasserghodsi

Managing Partner | Mirai Partners

Christine is the managing partner of the learning innovation consultancy, Mirai, and a doctoral candidate in organizational learning at the University of Pennsylvania. At Mirai, Christine leverages her expertise in system-level transformation, digital technology, and the human side of change to help governments, educational institutions, and ed-tech companies shape the future of learning.

Christine’s portfolio at Mirai includes launching a STEM school in Ethiopia, using artificial intelligence and research-based curricula to help governments and schools radically improve literacy levels, and partnering with HP to advise public and private school networks, universities, and ministries on effective learning and leadership during the COVID-19 school closures. Christine and the Mirai team also provide guidance to ed-tech companies and investors on growth in the MEA region.

Christine was previously the Vice President for teacher and leader development and the Head of Innovation Strategy at GEMS Education, the world’s largest network of private sector K12 schools.

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