Dr. Naeema Pasha

Director of Henley Careers and Professional Development, Director of Diversity & Inclusion & Founder of WOW | Henley Business School

Naeema currently leads on Professional Development, People & Future of Work in Henley and established World of Work (WOW) to explore future of work readiness. She leads the EY-HENLEY
Strategy Project on Skills Led Recovery and Future of Work. Naeema’s recent research on Future of Work provided the foundation for building WOW looking at the range of influences on work such as, AI and Automation, Diversity & Inclusion and Quad-Generations. Her doctoral research sheds light on key factors that enables people and organizations to succeed against the backdrop of future of work technological changes such as adaptability in times of huge uncertainty. Her work also focusses on the transformations in workplaces because of new technologies, especially now in looking at impact of the pandemic. She’s now looking into Ethics and Trust in AI with regards to corporate structures and leadership. Naeema has been named as one of the Ifpc-online Top 50 Worldwide Influencers on AI Ethics in 2020. Naeema is also Principal Practitioner with the Association of Business Psychologists.

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