Omer Khawaja

Co-Founder | ITBOOST

Omer is an accomplished entrepreneur and technology executive with around 2 decades of success in Creating & Implementing Enterprise software, FinTech, IT/MSP Solutions and SaaS products. He is one of the precious few entrepreneurs who built and sold his company in less than 1000 days. Founded in 2016, ITBOOST is one of the most robust platforms which provides Documentation, BI, Customer Surveys and Password management all in one platform. It was acquired in 2019 by ConnectWise, a Tampa based company backed by Thomabravo. Omer, in the past have held management positions in Temenos (SWX: TEMN) and Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) before founding his technology startup. Omer is a Forbes Tech Council member and his views on business and technology have appeared in Entrepreneur Media and Forbes.

Leveraging extensive experience in international business, product life cycle, and change management, he is a valuable asset for companies looking for acumen in capital raising, product and operations management, growth, expansion and offshore management.

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