Preeti Dubey

Founder & Director | Strive High Pte Ltd.

Preeti is an experienced Corporate trainer, facilitator and globally acclaimed speaker. She passionately combines her knowledge of Psychology & Management Science with her experience in the corporate world to help professionals develop personal transformational strategies to enhance their leadership abilities. She focuses on driving results for individuals and client organizations through consulting, training, and coaching, emphasizing improving productivity through Emotional Intelligence and Effective Management Practices. During the current COVID Crisis, Preeti successfully transferred her training programs to online platforms. She has trained Senior Managers from many companies across different industries, ranging from Banking, Technology, Insurance, Shipping Companies, and the Philippines’ Civil Services Commission officers. She enjoys working in a multicultural environment and works with clients across JAPAC.

Preeti believes women face unique challenges that are different from men and need to be addressed differently. She speaks voraciously on diverse global platforms and is committed to developing women leaders and delivering
empowering training programs/ workshops specially designed for women.

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