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A partnership with the FUTURE WORKTECH FORUM means more than making the right contacts. It means, to be an insider, being connected to the right people with the right level of influence and it means that you are affiliated with globally respected organisations and leaders within your industry.

Our Sponsorship and Promotional Packages are designed to provide a business facilitation platform that helps you by making a difference, reaching your targeted audience and meeting your objectives. Our programs are designed to achieve your marketing and promotional goals and deliver a maximum return on your investment as we maintain the highest standards of quality in research and market analysis.

Generate leads

Meet and interact with key decision makers, radical visionaries and industrial strategists from the most influential organizations whilst generating leads and potential partners during our Work Tech events.

Market positioning

Establish the image and identity of your brand or industry so that consumers can perceive how your brand is different from other businesses.


Bringing innovative ideas and inspiration to the Work Technology community through inter-disciplinary speakers and learning experience to enhance creativity and move thinking forward.


Strengthen your network connections, broaden your access to new opportunities and valuable information at our events that’s essential in career building.





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Industry Leaders


Great Learning Experience


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Private and Public Enterprises:

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Chief HR Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Transformation Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief People Officer and Heads, Directors, Senior Managers, Managers of:

Remote Work Management, Virtual Offices, Workspaces, Workforce Management, Workplace Design, Workplace Innovation, People, Employee Wellbeing, People Productivity, Facilities Management, Real Estate Services, ICT, Work Technology, Automation, Human Resources, People Performance, Change Management, Digital Transformation, IT Systems, IT Infrastructure, Digital, Networks, Cybersecurity, Data, AI, RPA, Process Automation.

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